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5 Awesome Ways You Can Use Bookmarking in Mohiomap

May 6, 2016

Written by

Ann Marie Gribble, Digital Marketer

Bookmarking is one of our favorite features here at the Mohiomap office.  It’s a productivity tool to save where you are at, keep you on task and integrate with how you want to work with much less disruption. 

Bookmarking is one of our favorite features here at the Mohiomap office. It’s great new addition to the Mohiomap app and we’ve found bookmarking has so many uses that you may not even have realised! We can get back to our work quicker by saving maps that we need to regularly return to, and we love being able to save a search so we don’t have to repeat any steps.

We know bookmarking in terms of saving webpages or for saving where you’re up to when reading a book. Following this same principle, you are able to bookmark the maps that you often visit, a search result, or a current work in progress. When returning to Mohiomap again at a later time, you can simply select any bookmark to open up the same folder or search result again. It’s a productivity tool to save where you are at, keep you on task and integrate with how you want to work with much less disruption.

3 steps to creating a bookmark!

It’s very easy to create a new bookmark, and is only 3 steps away:

  1. Click on the star icon in the top right corner, near the search bar.
  2. Then give your Map a name,
  3. Finally click Bookmark!

You will find your bookmark now saved in the bottom left panel of the your Mohiomap dashboard. You can also save over or update any existing bookmark. To do so, simply open any bookmark, make any changes to the map (e.g. apply a filter, or expand/collapse any of the folders and or notebooks) , and then click on the star in the top right corner again and select the green “Update” button.

Updating your map is very easy to do too!

We also have an extensive help guide here about bookmarking in Mohiomap.

Now that you’ve learned how to bookmark, let’s look at some examples of how you might best  use this in your own maps. Here’s your guide to the top 5 ways of getting the most value out of using bookmarks!

1 - Access your most favorite parts of the map

This is perhaps the most popular use for a bookmarked map and is a great one to get started with. You may for instance use specific notes in Evernote regularly along with needing to access key documents daily in your Google Drive. This is the perfect tool to use so you can get back to work quicker just by accessing your bookmarks right from the Mohiomap dashboard. Open your most important folders and notes that you access often, then follow the steps above to create your bookmark.

The image below shows a bookmarked map with both Evernote and Dropbox content open. You can navigate away from this on your map knowing you can quickly come back to it by clicking on your saved bookmark.

A bookmark of important Evernote and Dropbox documents

2 - Stay on top of your research notes

The researchers and educators in our user-base use bookmarks in a multitude of ways - from bookmarking class outlines to focusing on specific research topics or clusters of academic documents. Being able to update their bookmarks as new information, keywords, and documents are added is a useful and crucial tool for these users. Through bookmarking, thought leaders and educators are able to quickly access and focus on their ideas and get back to work quicker.

A bookmark of research documents

3 - Take control of your projects with bookmarking

You can easily manage and see an overview of your multitude of current projects with the use of bookmarks. For Project Managers it’s ideal to bookmark not only specific projects but also project stages. Looking back to our previous blog about mindmapping, the variety of Mindmaps created by Project Managers can be bookmarked so minimal setup and searching needs to occur and they can get back to what they are working on much quicker.

The same can be said for our users that have many clients such as agencies. Maps can be bookmarked by clients keeping all work that’s in progress easy to get back to and quick to access (especially when you’re on a tight deadline).

Project Alpha bookmarked with other bookmarked projects on the left ready to go

4 - Bookmark your team folders so you can get your day started quicker

We understand that our users have separate documents, notes and files spread across their work and personal Cloud platforms. You’ll have documents and notes for personal use and another set of folders and notes that are work specific. Bookmarking helps you divide and manage this by being able to save the files you need in a way you understand. Label them accordingly and what makes sense to you so you can make that work-life balance work for you.

Navigated to a team bookmark, ready for work!

5 - Search results can be bookmarked too!

You’ve just made a great search that gave you the perfect results and would love to quickly access the same result at any time? Simply bookmarking it will save you the worry and hassle of needing to search for it again! This is perfect for those users that have documents, projects, or clients that cross multiple platforms. You may have notes from a client meeting in Evernote and their account documents in Dropbox, by saving a search you can quickly access all these files each time you login to Mohiomap.

Bookmarking a great search result.
It’s a productivity tool to save where you are at, keep you on task and integrate with how you want to work with much less disruption.

On the free plan, you do have a limit of 3 bookmarks. Upgrade to Premium to gain limitless bookmarks for just $5 per month. If you haven’t tried the Free Trial of Premium, try it out today, we know it will be worth it.

Bookmarked maps allow you to get back to where you need to be quicker. These are just some of the creative ways that we’ve heard from our users.

So tell us, what would you bookmark?

About the author

Ann Marie Gribble, Digital Marketer

One of the newest members of the team, Ann Marie fits perfectly between Software Development and Design in order to spread the word about our product.

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