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5 ways to manage your team effectively with Mohiomap

December 9, 2016

Written by

Ann Marie Gribble, Digital Marketer

It’s been a month now since we released the new Mohiomap for Teams and many of you have already given it a go and experienced how it can work for you and your teams. For those that haven’t yet tried it, or unsure if it’s for you, this week’s blog gives you five quick tips to manage your team effectively with Mohiomap.

Let me introduce Mike, a creative agent, who leads a team of three in a large company. Mike wanted a way to keep on top of his teams tasks,  while cutting back on  unnecessary communication and eliminating those repetitive daily ‘check-ins’. Mike started a subscription to Mohiomap for Teams and added his other two colleagues to his dashboard. He set up a weekly process with his team and logs into the app when needed across the week.

We’ve collected the 5 ways Mike has effectively incorporated the new tool into his workflow, saving him time and making his team more productive in the process.

Organizing clients and current projects

A well organized work environment is a great starting point to bring the whole team on the same page. With Mohiomap, Mike has arranged his team’s Evernote notebooks by client names and projects, with current work in progress tasks relevant to each of them in several ‘client’ notebooks. Each note is tagged with the name of the person in charge of each task ensuring everyone in Mike’s team knows who is leading each project. All these basic editing features such as creating folders and tagging are accessible right from within Mohiomap.

Tags to organize a project

Weekly visualization of what was worked on the prior week

Reporting on current work in progress documents is as easy as creating a new report and publishing it to your team. At the start of each week, Mike creates a report detailing the previous 7 days documents that were worked on and by whom. These reports give Mike an overview of his teams progress and what needs further development in the upcoming week. The reports have also proven helpful for their weekly team meetings and internal progress reports

Start a new report

Publish common and interesting searches for team productivity

Search has always been a very helpful tool in Mohiomap, particularly with the use of syntaxes and cross-platform searches. Whenever Mike’s team discover a new, valuable search term, they publish the map to ensure it is communicated to everyone on the team. Whenever a new map is published, a red indicator appears on everyone's dashboard to alert them to the update.

Publish your favorite searches

Recognizing team strengths with the topics report

Mike likes to check-in to ensure his team is working to their strengths. With the topics report, Mohiomap recognizes keywords in your connected Cloud content and assigns it to your connected Team member based on their activity. Mike is now able to better assess what expertise he has in his team, and who the expert is on a specific topics.  

Analyze your team's strengths

Ensuring files are shared with the right people across the team

The added security Mike sees in Mohiomap for Teams is being able to visually identify with whom his content is being shared. Visualizing all his collaborators, and not only his team, keeps Mike on top of his shared content. He’ll go back to the relevant platform’s settings to disconnect any collaborators he no longer needs to connect with.

Visualize all your collaborators

Mike has been able to increase his weekly productivity just by adding Mohiomap into his workflow with his team. Why not see how Mohiomap for Teams can benefit you and your colleagues? You’ve got nothing to lose - Start a 14 day trial today and try these tips with your team!

About the author

Ann Marie Gribble, Digital Marketer

One of the newest members of the team, Ann Marie fits perfectly between Software Development and Design in order to spread the word about our product.

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