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Answers To Your Top 5 Burning Questions

June 30, 2016

Written by

Ann Marie Gribble, Digital Marketer

We get some great questions and feedback come through to our email here at Mohio. They range from new integration suggestions, to letting us kindly know of any bugs, to questions about how users can complete certain tasks.

We get some great questions and feedback come through to our email here at Mohio. They range from new integration suggestions, to letting us kindly know of any bugs, to questions about how users can complete certain tasks.

We’ve compiled the top 5 great questions we’ve come across recently that we wanted to share with everyone! They cover different aspects and touch points you would experience with Mohiomap and will find them very helpful, next time you login.

Q: How do I control the movement on the Map

One of the first things you notice about Mohiomap is it’s dynamic map and movement of the nodes as you add and arrange your files. After a while you may want a little more control with how it moves or whether you want a fresh-start map every time you log in or not.

You will find this helpful feature in your settings tab, under ‘Your Map’. You now have control over whether you want to start where you left off when you log back in, and whether you would like to automatically pin your nodes when you interact with them.

I like having control of my map, so keep the ‘automatically pin nodes’ toggled off, but you may find it would take out a step, particularly if you use the pin function frequently.

Q: How do I simplify my map, it’s too busy?

We understand all our Cloud files and platforms can get a little out of control. Even in Mohiomap, the amount of data presented to you can be a little overwhelming. This is where navigation and filtering come into play.

Find the notebook or folder you want to view, click on it to open the menu and then select “Navigate”. You will now only see the contents of this folder on your map. Much clearer and more organized to view.

Search and Filters are your other option to clear the space where you can narrow to a search term via the search field, then use the Relevance filter to see just the files you’ve most recently used.

Q: Do my changes save back into the cloud platform?

Mohiomap not only gives you a great way to search and discover content, but you can also edit your content, from creating new notes and files to rearranging where your notes are located. You may be curious to know how the actions you take within Mohiomap reflect back in the platform.

If you make any of the following changes, they will be synchronized back into your Cloud platform:

They may take a moment to show up on the platform. Also, if you delete any item - they will be available to recover from the platforms Trashcan or deleted items folder.

Q: What is Mohiomap’s security policy?

We want you to be able to trust that we keep your data secure and have security at the forefront of the service we provide for you.

We handle your data with procedures that exceed the industry standards. Our user passwords use improved version of PBKDF2, and all online payments are handled securely by Stripe. None of the payment information is stored in our servers.

Security within Mohiomap is a very high priority for us, and you can learn more about how we handle things on our end here:

Q: What have you changed in the Start Map?

June’s update brought a new look for Mohiomap’s Start Map. This new and improved view will help keep you more up to date with what’s happening on each of the platforms.

Your default home view now provides you with additional information about your documents. You’ll now not only be able to connect and disconnect from this view but also will see your most recently updated notes and documents and people you have collaborated with.

‘Active in your network’ shows who has been most recently active of your collaborators. This means that now you can visually see your most active members of your team as soon as you login to Mohiomap. You’ll also be able to get back on track quicker by seeing your most recently edited documents from each platforms ‘recent’ node.

Keep an eye on this area as ongoing updates and improvements will be made to this interface over the coming months.

~ ~ ~

This has hopefully answered some pivotal questions that have been playing on your mind. With these tips in mind you should be able to use Mohiomap in a more productive way and know that you’re in control of your map. If you need further assistance, check out the help centre here.

If you have any other burning questions, just email us at We’d love to answer your questions.

About the author

Ann Marie Gribble, Digital Marketer

One of the newest members of the team, Ann Marie fits perfectly between Software Development and Design in order to spread the word about our product.

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