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Become a master with Evernote tagging

June 9, 2013

Written by

Jun Huh, Chief Technology Officer

By displaying your Evernote content as a network, Mohiomap exposes new and practical ways for managing your content. This new blog post series will highlight some of these use cases to help you get more out of Evernote and Mohiomap every day.

Tags are an essential feature for any Evernote user wishing to keep their notes under control.

However, it can be difficult to curate and maintain them. A single notebook may contain 20 tags, but only 5 of them may be used on a regular basis – so how can we distinguish between necessary and unnecessary tags?

By displaying your Evernote content in a visual format, Mohiomap allows you to identify and remove tags which are redundant. Combined with our new Tagging feature which allows you to edit and assign your tags right within Mohiomap, and tag curation becomes easy and effortless.

The first step is to identify which tags are redundant. Open a notebook in Mohiomap, and look for the following:

Tags which are too similar to one anotherTags which are too narrow in scope, ie. have been assigned to only one noteTags which contain typos or are named inconsistently

Let’s take a look at an example of a notebook named Articles. This notebook is used for collecting interesting articles from across the web for later reference – a use case that many Evernote users will be familiar with. Tags can therefore be used to classify the articles into meaningful categories:

Notice that in this particular example, there are multiple sport-related tags in this notebook. Some users may prefer this fine-grained style of tagging, however our goal for the purpose of this guide is to minimize the number of tags in our Articles notebook. We’ll have to identify and delete some of the redundant sport-related tags to accomplish this goal.

Three tags (US sport, Australia sport, and tennis) have only a couple corresponding notes, and sports and sport are tags which have been created from inconsistent naming conventions. Overall, all five sport-related tags are too similar to one another.

Because most of the sports-related notes have already been assigned to sports, we can consolidate all of the notes in the redundant sports tags into this one tag. This can be done directly in Mohiomap with our Tagging actionable feature.

Firstly, drag the Action Icon to a desired note:

Next, unassign the old tag from that note. Do this by dragging the Action Icon from the old tag to that note:

We repeat this process for all of the notes we wish to assign to the sports tag. The final notebook is shown below:

We have halved the number of tags in this notebook from 9 down to 6. By using Mohiomap, we have been able to easily curate our tags within this notebook to make for a more efficient tagging system!

How are you using Mohiomap to curate your notebooks? Have you tried using our Tagging feature? We would love to hear from you – send us a message on FacebookTwitter, or Google+ and let us know what you think!

About the author

Jun Huh, Chief Technology Officer

Jun leads our continually growing software engineering team and has many years of experience with the development of visualization software, in both commercial and in research enviroments.

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