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Inside Mohiomap: How Frank improves his networking process with Mohiomap

November 15, 2015

Written by

Loretta Jean, UX/UI Designer

For power networker Frank Bastone, building connections and nurturing relationships is everything. Every single week he makes a point to attend at least 2-3 networking events, in order to expand his horizons and help his business grow.

For power networker Frank Bastone, building connections and nurturing relationships is everything.

Every single week he makes a point to attend at least 2-3 networking events, in order to expand his horizons and help his business grow. As any networker knows, collections of contact names, business cards and notes can become extremely large very quickly – leaving you with one big problem, how to connect them to one another so that both parties walk away with added value.

‍- Frank Bastone, President of New Matrix Solutions/Senior Vice Presidentof Sales at MIT National Land Services

Earlier this month, we were lucky enough to catch up with Frank, and find out how he uses Mohiomap to improve his networking process.

What’s the most important step in your networking process?

The preparation! Before you introduce your contacts ask yourself in what way am I going to add value to my clients? What do my clients want? How can my new contacts help them? Your aim should be to network with the people your clients want to meet. At the same time don’t ignore people from extremely different professions. If you become the person for everything, more people will want to know you and ask for your networking assistance.

"Networking is all about expanding your horizons in order to expand your network and help your business grow"

What type of connections do you look for?

If you attend an event and only pass your business card to the clients you can sell to, you are limiting your network. As a networker it is your job to interact with all kinds of people – attorneys, brokers, real estate agents, bankers, and other professionals.

Your main clients may be real estate agents, but as a connector you need to meet up and acquire the contacts of other people, as well. This can help your new contacts and main clients whenever necessary. For example, your real estate client may need the assistance of a software developer. If you form good relations and acquire the details of prime software developers, you can help your client and your new contacts.

How do you manage to store all of the valuable information that you receive on a daily basis?

I use Evernote to scan and tag all of the business cards I collect. The usage of tagging is crucial here – I use tags to include details like company names, locations, professions. This makes it much easier to connect with people. The more tags you include, the more relationships you can create between who you met, and who can help them/who they can help.

“People who do a lot of networking and want to become connectors can benefit from Mohiomap when they want to connect contacts based on factors like services and location”

How do you fit Mohiomap into your process?

Being a sales consultant has helped me to acquire numerous contacts from a variety of industries, and with Mohiomap, I can keep my contacts (anything from investors, accountants, lawyers to furniture suppliers  software developers) organized and ensure I become the guy who knows the guy! Being a power networker is fun, but being able to use your network to help others is even more fun and self-fulfilling!

The beauty of Mohiomap means that it can be adapted and used for numerous things. I initially signed up as I was looking for a tool to just give me an overview of my contacts, but now I use it for my entire networking process.

I’m continually impressed with how very easy it is to use, and how it helps you create useful visualizations for effortless connectivity. I use this tool right from the beginning of my process, where I’m tagging my contacts to keep them organized, right through to preparing and exporting the final maps to share with colleagues.

Do you have any advice for people just starting out in the networking world?

I try to introduce two or three pairs of people every day to add value to them. This in turn adds value to me. So the more you network, meet people and help them, the more powerful your networking becomes. Remember every person you meet is a prospect of someone else.

Interested to find out more about Frank? Check out his blog or find him on Linkedin

Do you use Mohiomap to help you complete your work better? Share your story with us by getting in touch

Note: The content provided by Frank was images of Mohiomap prior to the January 2016 update. Much of the content is still valid and relevant to all users particularly to the way Mohiomap can be used for networking.

About the author

Loretta Jean, UX/UI Designer

As a passionate designer, Loretta maintains all aspects of the visual and interaction of Mohiomap’s digital design experience;  ensuring content and context is continually at the heart of our product.

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