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Improvements to click behavior, dragging, and more

August 20, 2013

Written by

Christian Hirsch, Founder / CEO, PhD in CS

We are constantly working to provide our users the best experience possible when interacting with Mohiomap. Here are some of the improvements we have released in the past few weeks:

New default click behavior

Previously, when clicking on a node on the Map, the Map would refresh to display only that node’s contents. We have changed this click behavior so that the Map will now expand to include those contents, rather than refreshing entirely.

We changed this default click behavior because we believe it is a better complement to further Actionable Features we will release in the future. To open a node just as before this change, simply hover your cursor over that node to reveal the hover menu, then click on the Navigate button.

Shift Dragging

When moving a parent node with many child nodes (for example: a notebook with many notes; a tag with many notes) across the graph, it can be a hassle to wait for all of the child nodes to reposition themselves beside the parent node. To improve this experience, we have introduced Shift Dragging: hold down the shift key on your keyboard, then drag a node as you normally would. That node, as well as all of its child nodes, will move in unison as a single entity. See below:

‍Normal dragging
‍Shift Dragging:Hold down shift on your keyboard,then drag as normal

Edge Dragging

Now when you drag a node to the edge of your Map, your Map will automatically pan in the same direction you are dragging to. This is very convenient when dragging the Action Icon from one node to another – for example, when assigning a tag to a note:

Improved international character support

Our search function now supports international (non-Latin) characters:

All nodes can now be pinned

The Pin feature is used for giving nodes fixed positions on the Map – convenient for organizing your Map to get a better view of the structures and relations within your Evernote data. We have now expanded this feature to support all nodes. Hover over any node to reveal the hover menu, then click on the Pin button to pin the node to your Map!


We are committed to refining Mohiomap and introducing new features which better our users’ experiences with their data. Give us your feedback on these updates by emailing us at, and let us know of any new improvements you’d like to see in the future!

About the author

Christian Hirsch, Founder / CEO, PhD in CS

While completing his PHD in Computer Science, Christian’s research work on the intersection of data visualization, software engineering, and knowledge management, led to the technological foundations of Mohiomap.

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