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Introducing - Mohiomap for Teams Now Available!

November 4, 2016

Written by

Christian Hirsch, Founder / CEO, PhD in CS

Here at Mohiomap our vision has always been to bring clarity to the potentially chaotic digital environments, that many of you might be very familiar with.

Here at Mohiomap our vision has always been to bring clarity to the potentially chaotic digital environments, that many of you might be very familiar with. We all collect a lot of content in all of our different document management systems. We’ve always strived to help you - our users - to make better sense out of that content, to access it in an easier way, and to help you gain valuable insights into your personal knowledge space.

Since quite a while now we’ve heard a lot of feedback from many of you, that you’d like to be able to better use Mohiomap within your teams and within the work environment. With the huge growth that all those platforms that we integrate with have had - particularly in the business environment - this is not a surprise! More and more businesses and enterprises move to the Cloud, and with that move, we can see a clear and growing need for a tool to help teams and their managers to make sense out of all those collaborative environments, that quickly become chaotic as well.

We’ve now answered that call with our brand new product, dedicated for teams! This new Mohiomap brings an efficient and innovative way to set up and manage your teams and any shared documents stored in the Cloud.

We started building Mohiomap for Teams as a tool to help teams and businesses make sense of their content so they will always have the right information in front of them, and in order to make the necessary decisions for their business to grow. We saw there was a clear need from our users to be have the  essential ability to connect directly with their teams members from within the app.

Using Mohiomap’s visualization and analytics capabilities this new tool helps managers and their teams be more productive and make better informed decisions for their business. By connecting with team members, Mohiomap now allows managers and team leaders to have a greater understanding of what their team is currently working on, where their strengths are, and to help guide them to make more knowledgeable adjustments based on the information given in the app.

Organizing your team map

So, how can the new Mohiomap help you?

Besides the ability to connect all of your team members to Mohiomap, and essentially have a now shared experience of the tool, the key new additions to Mohiomap includes brand new reporting tools, publishing capabilities to share maps between team members, and the analysis and management of team activities in the connected platforms. This new product extends from our Mohiomap Premium product and is targeted at customers that share and collaborate on Cloud documents within their teams.

With the new reporting and publishing tools, users can jump straight into action by organizing team folders or sharing any newfound knowledge. You can, for instance, create reports to find team members strengths and discover what your team is currently working on - all of which is presented in a visual maps, that allow for easy digestion of complex and interconnected information. Users can then continue to publish maps to share key areas that need attention or to help manage a team’s workflow.

A few ways the product will help you and your team

Mohiomap can be used in a variety of ways across a wide range of users and industries. From managers, to sales reps to project managers and more, here are some of the ways we’ve noticed this new team product can be maximized:

Project Managers and Operations Teams can visualize what their team is working on at a given  day right from within the app, without needing to leave their seat. You’ll quickly be able to pinpoint and visualize your team’s busiest day so teams know where to start with organizing and managing your workload.

Mohiomap for Teams helps sales teams share key contacts and their corresponding documents, connecting their team in a more efficient and productive way than ever before. Streamline a sales team’s communication by adding comments and tags to notes, files or folders getting a sales team back on track much quicker.

Teams can now publish visual maps for your next meeting to make sure everyone is working from the same page. Narrow in on key information by filtering their Map, tailoring it specifically for what their team needs to know.

These are just a few actionable ways Mohiomap can be used with teams. We can’t wait to see how all our users will find even more creative ways to help their teams make better informed decisions.

Managing your team's workflow
Sign up now to a 14 day trial and get 50% off your first years subscription.

Try these NEW exciting tools when you sign into the team app:

  • Easily connect your team within the Mohiomap interface
  • Create reports to discover activities, key skills, and relevant documents of your team
  • Publish maps for your team to also access and take action on
  • Assign and edit tags right within Mohiomap, making tag curation for your team intuitive and effortless

Thanks to our beta users for giving us great feedback and helping this product become a reality!

We can’t wait to see how you’ll make the most out of our newest Mohiomap product! Let us know if you found a great use case or would like to talk to us and learn more about Mohiomap, we’re always keen to hear from our users - contact us anytime at

About the author

Christian Hirsch, Founder / CEO, PhD in CS

While completing his PHD in Computer Science, Christian’s research work on the intersection of data visualization, software engineering, and knowledge management, led to the technological foundations of Mohiomap.

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