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What’s happening in the Mohio office!

December 1, 2015

Written by

Jun Huh, Chief Technology Officer

There has been a lot happening at Mohio lately. We have moved to a new office, hired 2 more talented people, and have been diligently working on the next version of Mohiomap.

There has been a lot happening at Mohio lately. We have moved to a new office, hired 2 more talented people, and have been diligently working on the next version of Mohiomap.

New Office

The Mohio office is based in GridAKL, a home for Auckland’s tech ecosystem. The residents of the Grid share an open office with many other startups in various stages, where we can share knowledge and experiences with like minded people, where we are exposed to and encouraged to grow together with amazing local talents.

The entire Grid has moved to a new building this Monday, which is a bigger and better version of the former office. It was frantic for the past week, but we really love the new space!

Our newest members

We have made 2 new great additions to the team, thanks to the Summer of Tech internship programme. Joining us are, Ann Marie, our new digital marketer and growth hacker, and Marek, self proclaimed super coder.

We found them through the internship programme, but they are too talented to be classified as interns. It has only been a couple of weeks since they joined us, and they are already making big impacts. I am sure it will reflect clearly on our next update of Mohiomap.

Ann Marie has a formal marketing background, and has recently completed a Creative Technologies degree. She is passionate about storytelling particularly around finding new innovative ways to be able to do it.

She is a quick learner. Her brother once tried to teach her how to punch, and she gave him a bloodied nose in her first lesson (No more lessons were needed). She also learnt ballet for 10 years and worked part time as a Blackjack dealer.

Her hobbies include 3D modelling and 3D printing, painting Magic: The Gathering cards and Warhammer models, crafting, and binge watching TV shows while doing all of the above.

Marek joins our development team with excellent PHP skills. He plays football, and is a big fan of Liverpool FC.

He once performed as Elvis Presley for an end of the year Christmas performance; and at an Armageddon Expo (similar to Comic Con), he couldn’t hold back his sense of justice and hit a Storm Trooper in the head with a wooden sword and almost got kicked out.

I would’ve said he has a relaxed demeanour if I hadn’t seen him moving at the speed of light when he noticed free beer on offer.

Our other new (old) team members

Also, our 2 additions that we introduced in the past are turning out to be awesome team members.

Loretta is our lucky mascot, a sense of calm and deep understanding that opposes Jack, who is the comic relief of the team with his unpredictable politically incorrect charm. Loretta is not shy about her online shopping spree, as we notice endless packages arriving in the office for her (I do the same, but they’re addressed to my home). If it is what fuels her creativity, we will say nothing. Jack, on the other hand, is fuelled by endless cans of energy drinks. We will soon have to come up with new health regulations in the company to save him.

Our team is growing fast and we want to create an environment where each individual can flourish with creative freedom.

To achieve this, we are creating a workflow that is efficient and flexible. We take conscious decisions to take time to take a step back and examine what we are doing, and encourage thinking outside the box. We understand that all of us are learning and growing together, and the openness is what allows us to make that growth possible.

We’d also like to give a shout-out to Weirdly. Weirdly shares the same office space with us in the Grid, and they make the recruitment process very fun, honest, and personal by providing questionnaires tailored to the needs of the companies hiring. Summer of Tech internship programme provided us with Weirdly profiles of the candidates, which let us instantly identify what type of individual they are. We are all for embracing and channeling inner weirdness into creativity.

We are still hiring! Check this out if you are interested.

Our vision

Data visualisation is only a small part of how information is conveyed. However, we believe that we play a key role as a small cog in a machine that is a representative of the whole. We believe that eloquence is virtuous in all forms of communication, not just in speech or writing. The more we communicate with one another effectively and efficiently, the more we understand each other, which leads to empathy and compassion.

We understand that the power we harness is merely a tool and can be argued as amoral. Abstraction can be misused to misinform and convey biased views of reality. It is our mission to not neglect nuanced data and continue to explore the technology such that information can be presented and accessed in different level of abstraction and maximise transparency.

Being in a startup, we expect constant changes in the climate of where our products and markets are positioned. Our vision will be a constant among the sea of changes, and each team member of Mohio will bring creativity and individuality to create a whole that is greater than sum of its parts.

About the author

Jun Huh, Chief Technology Officer

Jun leads our continually growing software engineering team and has many years of experience with the development of visualization software, in both commercial and in research enviroments.

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