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6 Steps to Maximising Your Meeting Productivity with Mohiomap

October 7, 2016

Written by

Ann Marie Gribble, Digital Marketer

Have you ever wondered while sitting in ‘just another meeting’, how it could be much more productive?

With over $37 billion dollars in revenue lost annually due to the time being spent in unproductive meetings, why wouldn’t you! Apart from the obvious, that is having an agenda and sticking to it, Mohiomap can be used as a helpful tool to optimize and supercharge your next meeting. Particularly when you need to access important spreadsheets and documents, while also presenting your action plan for the week.

Why not show your team a more visually dynamic meeting plan and ramp up what might have been a long, underprepared and possibly time wasting encounter. Implementing these steps will move you beyond just a tedious stock standard meeting, and push you into the creative potential of meetings (yes, I know, sounds like an oxymoron), making them not only more exciting, but will also save you time.

We’ve detailed 6 steps to managing your meetings more efficiently with the use of Mohiomap:

1 - Navigating to a notebook or folder dedicated to the meeting

It’s a good idea to start with a dedicated meetings notebook or folder. Copy or move documents or notes into the folder and remove the distraction of your other Cloud content by navigating to that node. It not only simplifies your map, but allows you to focus only on what’s essential to that meeting.

Navigating to a node

2- Bookmark the meeting

Between your weekly meetings, you don’t want to have to set up the notes, folders and reminders every time. To save the hassle, just bookmark your map and it will save for easy access in the Mohiomap dashboard. Even if you make a change to the bookmark, you can simply select the bookmark icon in the top right corner and click update.

Bookmark your meeting

3 - Color code to know where you’re up to within the meeting (Premium)

Keep your team’s eyes focused on what matters by highlighting nodes with colors selected from the edit menu. You can, for example, change colors based on what is completed or due this week. Create your own heat map style map to show your point effectively in a meeting.

Custom color your nodes

4 - Edit, Create and Move Cloud content on the fly

When you or a colleague decide to add a new topic to the meeting, or you need to add a reminder for the week, it’s easy to add new notes or documents to your map. You won’t miss out on reporting the new item and adding to the agenda. Select a notebook and add a new note, or a folder, and add a new document.

Need to move a note or document to another part of the meeting agenda? Simply drag via the action icon to quickly shift the node allowing you to keep on track in the meeting.

Adding a new note on the map.

5 - Add custom connections to your meeting nodes

Link your essential Cloud documents you know you’ll need with custom connections. Being able to visually see how your files relate will help you keep on track and access content much quicker. Keeping the meeting on track and on time.

Custom Connections in Mohiomap

6 - Present your map to the team!

You should now be all set with your dedicated bookmarked map for your next team meeting. Show it off to your team by connecting your laptop to a screen or projector and keep everyone on track with your visual agenda.

With these actionable tips, your new meeting’s visual map will impress your team and show how creative, prepared, and on top of it you are. You’ll no longer be searching with multiple windows open of all your documents, and you’ll be able to access them all in one place, color coded, connected and ready to supercharge your next meeting.

From project management to story creation, this is just another one of many creative use cases of Mohiomap. Did you come across any other handy tips of you you get the most out of using Mohiomap? Let us know at!


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About the author

Ann Marie Gribble, Digital Marketer

One of the newest members of the team, Ann Marie fits perfectly between Software Development and Design in order to spread the word about our product.

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