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Your Toolbox to Searching in Mohiomap

August 26, 2016

Written by

Ann Marie Gribble, Digital Marketer

Searching in Mohiomap is one of the great tools we have to offer to help you get more organized with your Cloud content. Many of you may be unaware of the extent to which you can search across and into the platforms you have connected, particularly the extended search terminology available for Evernote, Google Drive, and Box.

You probably know by now that you can search all your connected Cloud platforms or just one at a time, but once you select a platform, have you tried using the platform specific search syntaxes to get even more accurate results?

A populated search in Mohiomap
Selecting to search by platform

Let me start with breaking down search in Evernote. Using the search bar in the top right area, you enter your search term, choose whether you want to search platform wide or in a specific platform and upon pressing enter or ‘Search’, your map will then be populated with the results.

We have a way you can narrow down your searches even further as you may find the map now overloaded with nodes when performing a simple search. Evernote, Google Drive, and Box’s platform have pre-defined search syntaxes that can also be used within Mohiomap to give you even more accurate search results. 

Also, not only can you search with the platform defined terms, once you make a search in Mohiomap that includes Evernote, whether with the search syntaxes or not, you can also delve a little deeper and search by Evernote tags, joined notebooks and personal notebooks.

Once you’ve made a search, these three nodes will appear and simply by clicking on them, you will be taken to a new map with this filter added. To go back to your search, click on the back button located near the search bar.

Searching by tags

Evernote Syntax

Evernote has specific search terms to help you find notes, notebooks and reminders in a more efficient way. They move you past the broad search term that more often than not gives you a multitude of search results that are too difficult to handle.

These pre-defined Evernote terms can be applied within Mohiomap when searching with just the platform selected. Adding targeted search terms before your keyword helps you to find those hidden notes and notebooks that you know a little about but are unsure where it’s located. A few of our favorites at Mohiomap include:

  • intitle: (eg. intitle:Visualization)
  • created:YYYYMMDD (eg. created:20160105)
  • tag: (eg. tag:weekly)

I have many notes with checklists and to-do lists included in them, so I’ve specifically found the search syntax ‘todo:’ very helpful as this shows all my notes that include check boxes. A great search term for our organizers, or anyone, who keeps many checklists in Evernote.

Note, when entering your search terms you won’t need a space between the semicolon and your search term. I know I’ve tripped up on this a couple times.
Evernote syntax in Mohiomap

Google Drive Syntax

Google Drive offers a more traditional search structure that you can also use on all your Google searches as well. Utilising the terms ‘AND’, ‘OR’, and quotation marks are perhaps the easiest to remember and applicable in many places across the internet.

Searching in Google Drive using date range

An additional term which can prove useful is the time period search tool for Google Drive. For example you can search for “before:2016-07-12 after:2016-06-08” and the map will populate with files created or modified during that period. This is very precise and will help you narrow down your searches, especially when you know approximately when you worked on certain files. The Mohiomap dashboard can also help you find these files via date when you drag across the time period you’re after in the dashboard timeline graph - find out more about this here.

For an extended list of Google Drive terms, check them out here.

Google Drive search in Mohiomap using 'AND'

Box Syntax

Box has some useful search terms to help you find just what you're after and they’re not unlike the the search in Google Drive. The only difference being the term for what you don’t want to include in the search. For example in a search in Google Drive you would say ‘- example’, whereas Box would accept ‘NOT example’ to exclude ‘example’ from a search.

A full list of Box search operators and further details about their search tools can be found here.

Box search in Mohiomap using 'OR'

Bookmark your search to save time later 

(‘Future you’ will thank you for it)

Likely to search for the same thing more than once? Why not bookmark your search? As you add notes and tags and other content, these bookmarks will update so you shouldn’t need to re-save your favorite search. To bookmark your search, simply click on the star near the search bar, give it a name, then click Bookmark. Access it again from the bookmarks area of your dashboard anytime!

Bookmarking a search

Want to know more about searching in Mohiomap? Check out the Mohiomap search tools help pages, so you can get back to what you need to do even quicker.

We're constantly improving Mohiomap including search - and we know some search capabilities could be improved - so, please let us know how you find the search, and if you have any suggestions. Take a look and vote for these great suggestions on our support centre and add any of your own too!

Links to community posts about searching in Mohiomap:

About the author

Ann Marie Gribble, Digital Marketer

One of the newest members of the team, Ann Marie fits perfectly between Software Development and Design in order to spread the word about our product.

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